Iphone disconnected during update itunes

My folder in C drive had already made backups of GB hence when i was clicking on restore, iTunes couldn't find more space to create a folder of 20GB hence it was not happening. I simply deleted old backups and space on C drive got free and everything got smoothly done. I googled problem thank god you came up and I turned off app refresh and the backup went straight through.

You have rocked my world today X. Really thank you man! After 2 days running around in circle, finally you saved me! Enabling low energy mode does the trick for me iPhone 6 iOS Thanks Guys much appreciated the following worked!! Thank you very much, Kelly! I turned on low-power mode and airplane mode and that finally got it "quiet" enough I suppose?

It took damn near an hour for me to find this article. Thank you for the recommendation; this is is a damned nuisance. This seems to be an old discussion but non the less going to give it a try. Working in 2 countries i was also working with 2 iPhones. Turns out only the iPhone 5 was backing up not the iPhone 6.

Now im going back to 1 number and want to back up the iPhone 6 as most the of the info is on there but it is giving me the disconnected message when I try to back up. I want to back up to my computer. Have tried everything on this list, removed all old backups from the phone and it has never backed up to iTunes before so there are no files there, or if there are i can't find them.

If you want to reach out and send us an email, we can help run some debugging logs while you try to back up, and hopefully see a more interesting underlying error message to help us figure out the problem. I tried the various steps above and renaming the last backup and moving it out of the "Backup" folder finally did the trick. Thank you! Ive tried everything, nothing works If you'd like, send us an email via our support page https: For my iPhone 6sPlus on a HP Windows 10 computer - I tried various suggestions here with no luck - except for the following: Rename the "Backup" folder.

The path to find it is. I renamed the folder "Backup" to "Old Backup".

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My phone finally synced after trying tons of things. A couple of things Correct on both points: Thank you for the solution. I renamed the whole backup folder and forced iTunes to create a new backup. It worked like a charm. Thanks again. I worked on this issue on my iPhone 7, I haven't put my PC in safe mode, and still disconnects when iTunes gets to step 3 on the backup process. So I updated my 7 to Sounds like you had the unicode character in a filename error! That was an issue making a backup that was fixed in In case you wanted to see a little bit more about it: So glad your backup is working now!

I downgraded from ios11 to I tried to move the old back up files as showed in this tutorial and it has worked fine. Thanks guys. I had the backup issue and tried most everything listed, and nothing worked I'll spare you the boring diagnostic stuff; the short version is that after much fuss, I believe the problem is some sort of physical damage with my iPhone 6's lightning port. Taking the port out of the equation resolved the issue for me, and might for you. If nothing else it's a good first step to try before getting into fiddling with files and reboots and whatnot.

Thank you for sharing your experience! If you get a chance, I'd try making a backup on another computer you can back up on any computer regardless of whether it's the iTunes library you sync with, you just won't do the sync step to verify if it's your lightning port, or if it's something with the USB on that computer could be hardware or software.

I tried all the above techniques. It simply doesn't sync and it always shows the same error. Sent us an email via our contact link at the top of this page. We'll followup with some instructions for getting more information about the error while trying to make a backup. No renaming needed here. I tried all these tips and what finally did the trick was turning off Windows Defender.

Hope this helps someone. My system is Windows Fixed and Restored! I have tried everything including backup on iCloud, where it wrote that some of files are missing after two days of backing up Problem has started this spring by that time everything went well. What I am thinking about is how they want to program artificial inteligence if the best paid developers at Apple and Microsoft are not able to write reliable operating system.

God save our souls when AI moron will get crazy. There's definitely an issue with unicode characters in filenames, that has gotten worse in iOS I'm not currently digging into the iCloud issues yet, but I assume that those files that are missing are the ones with the broken unicode in the name. Hi Kelly, thanks for a quick reply. This is precisely what I thought and that is why I wrote that rude notice at the end of my post. I tried to remove all suspicious files from iBooks and Notes but there can be tons of email attachments and and other "hidden" files so finding them manually is almost impossible.

Hello guys Though I'm not a tech geek, I'm familiar with softwares. So I tried every possible steps guided by an apple technician and every solutions listed here. Nothing worked. I'm not exactly sure but maybe there are device issues. Because this "iPhone disconnected" message showed up since I've used a 3rd-party cable just for one day. Did anyone have the same issue? So I'm trying my back up through iCloud. If the iCloud backup works, reset the iPhone, then try the iTunes backup again. And if that fails, it will be more convincing that there's a problem on the device since if icloud backup works.

But before I do all these steps, can anyone please tell me any other possible solution?

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To be honest, I've never had such problems in my 8-year use of iPhone. More recently, I've seen some inappropriate filenames in app stored data cause issues making a backup, in addition to the run of the mill USB stile issues and hardware items addressed in the article. If your experiments don't pan out and you'd like us to help you dig a little deeper, you can send us a note via our support page and we can help look at some debugging logs while the backup is being made.

Hi Tyson, if you are having troubles feel free to drop us a sport email via our website deciphertools. Still works but you may have to try a view different. I was upgrading to I tried changing cables with no results. I started at the top of this tech note and worked thru until the end. I then was able to manually backup my iPhone 6s for upgrade to Hi Santiago, Have tried everything in this forum except the fact that I am working in a windows 7 environment. Nothing has worked nor the renaming the bachup folder, the setting of airplane mode, low Power, and Background App refresh.

What may I have to try next? The disconnect problems started when I reverted back to All good now. I'll wait for official release of IOS I've tried everything in this forum. I even got the Backup Repair app. This app "worked" and sorta restored my phone but all my settings were at their default, my apps had my old data but it was like the first time using them. Now when I tried to backup my phone a week later I'm back to getting the same disconnect error. I've again tried all the fixes in this thread but I still get the error. I don't want to use the app again and have all my settings moved back to the default and have to re-sign-in to all my apps again.

The best thing to do is email us via our support page and fill us in on the details there. Then we can get back to you with help. Deleting the previous backups, although I just moved them into a subfolder, work for me. Thanks for your guide! Thank You!!! Thank you very very much.

Thank you so much after spending 5 hours with apple support and nothing worked. I found this page and renamed my previous download which allowed me to back up my phone today! Feel free to reach out to us directly via our support page - https: Or let us know here if you're trying to restore a backup or make a backup, and whether you're on Windows or Mac. Kelly HW Dennis please help me out. I am not able to take backup as it says iphone disconnected.

Are you on Mac or Windows?

Fix a “iTunes Could Not Backup iPhone” Error Message

If you want to send us an email with the contact link above , we can help you collect some debug logs while you try to back up. I only tried always 2 from 3 steps below, but never 3 together! My iPhone and my iPad is doing well now after this 3 settings: After this, I switched all 3 back and the backup did well again! I also have had a syncing problem with my Synology DS at the same time! Syncing with Goodreader App was not able to do well to the password protected and hidden folder on DS, but in function modern unprotected mode. It seems, that all was good with the folder and the connection between iPhone and DS, but I think it wasn't!

And I did a restart of the DS. My 6s started the Its now boots up with the "Hello" screen and asks for language, country etc.. I cannot access anything on the phone. I've tried restoring from Itunes several times and it errors out at about the minutes left mark.. If I setup as a new phone, can I then restore to my old settings? If you haven't gone through the setup screens, I'd do so, and yes select "Setup as New" -- then see if the settings and your data are still there. I tried all of the above for a backup and it still doesn't work: Much appreciated.

Unfortunately, none of the suggestions worked for me. I am trying to backup my phone to itunes. The backup seems to be proceeding fine, but then I get the dreaded "disconnect" message on my computer. I have 2GB that is free on my phone, which I can't imagine isn't enough to do a backup. Yeah, there shouldn't be very much of a size check for making a backup. Just to be sure: Plugging in to the computer may also trigger an iCloud backup simultaneously by plugging in to power.

I assume you tried putting the iPhone into power save mode, but if not, try that. Otherwise, if you want to use the contact link way at the top of the page, send us an email and I can help you collect the debug logs from the iPhone while you're trying to make a backup, and we can take a look with you. This time, it was a Windows 10 issue. A number of things occurred: Each time I saw this message,it was for a different song that has been in my itunes all along. I also got messages like "the iphone cannot be synced because it cannot be read from" and "device not connected.

We did a few things: Added some speed and efficiency. Thanks for sharing this Hal! I'm researching what may be a similar kind of issue. What kind of computer do you have now that was having the Windows 10 related trouble? Curious to see whether they could be related. I love my iMac at work, so the time for a new system looms If you're still having this problem, what worked for me was using the cord that came with the phone! I had an iPhone 7 that would not restore the backup from my iPhone 6. Ah great Elizabeth! I'm sorry your old cable is not working properly, but glad you're up and running again!

When I find a broken cable, I like to take a sharpie and draw a sad face or X, if you're not a faces kind of person on the white part of the lightning plug end. That way I can still use it to charge, but remind myself not to use it for data transfers. And sometimes I relegate that cable to my car just to make sure! The solution that worked for me was to delete the most recent iTunes backup. If the most recent backup is corrupted, all subsequent backups will fail. You guys rock!! Apple, not so much Could not locate the backup files directly in my Finder folders I lost everything on my iPhone 6S - photos, texts, contacts, etc.

I've been working with Apple to retrieve my files but nothing has worked thus far. I've tried restoring from a recent backup, which can take an hour or two, and after an hour, it stops and says that the phone disconnected! I've tried four different usb jacks on my Windows 10 PC and four different charge cables, and nothing. For a while, the phone could not even be recognized by my computer.

I have several backups in that MobileSync - Backup folder, so I know it's all there. This, of course, was after spending a couple of hours jumping through various hoops. We also saved my last backup to another folder and renamed it, then deleted the original file and other old backups, and ran another backup using the copied backup. Thanks for the comments Hal! The safe mode trick is a great idea, I'm going to try that for the next person I talk to with Windows 10 related USB issues!

Hi Austin, yes, I was able to retrieve my texts along with everything else. Hal started safe mode version of iTunes, correct: I have not seen this to be a common actual fix from my experience though. I downloaded the tool, it said my repair was good, it seems it restored some stuff like apps, but contacts and messages are still missing?

Hi Cheese, happy to help. Sounds like the corrupt iOS errors in your backup have caused some data to be missing. Email us via our support page and then we will write you back with instructions ;- The link is: For my combination of MacBook Pro and iPhone 5s what worked was to rename the Backup folder, so iTunes created a new backup. In the end, an easy solution! My fix was to use a genuine Apple lightning cable.

I could do everything except restore with the other off brand cable but it disconnected in the middle of the restore every time with the off brand cable. I first renamed the back-up folder, as described. I then did a successful new backup, with no error messages. I then went back and deleted the old backup folder. Thank you for these suggestions: Hi, question.

How do I boot my mac into safe mode? I tried the suggested solutions above but it's getting worse, at first itunes say "cannot backup cos iphone disconected". Now, it can't recognize my iphone anymore. This is frustrating. Here's a little information about Safe Mode on macOS: If you haven't tried unplugging the iPhone and rebooting both the iPhone and the Mac, I would try that first.

I tried unlugging and rebooting both gadgets. My messages were gone, contacts also. And the pics are seemingly corrupted , i cant view them Jeng, were you able to get your iPhone backed up? My iPhone showed I had no photos after I reset it by pressing the home and lock button But my iphone still has the same amount of used and available storage that it did prior to resetting it so I'm assuming that all of the data is still there, but it's showing as if it was deleted on the phone display Were you able to resolve this problem?

If so, please share your solution with me. I would be forever greatful. I've done everything listed here in the article and in the comments, with the exception of the Lockdown file instructions, because when I follow them I get an error saying I'm not authorized to view the files, even though I'm the only administer on this Mac. My problem started when I tried setting up an encrypted backup. After performing my usual backup, the encrypted back up was still there and filling my hard drive. Now it won't let me back up or update my phone.

iPhone could not backup because it was disconnected.

I can't restore the backup because it's gone. Yes, thank you all! I turned off background app refresh, changed cables to the one that came with my 7, moved to the next USB jack, and rebooted everything first. So I'm not sure what did it exactly, my guess is 1 because I tried 3 other cables that have always worked, rebooted many, many times, and used all 4 USB jacks on my computer in prior efforts.

This was super frustrating but I managed to work it out by doing a change of the lightning cable, preventing any other applications on my computer from being on, and having to restart both the computer and iphone a number of times. I can't say for sure which one worked but have hope and keep at it, something is the answer.

Unfortunately I couldn't pinpoint what exactly it was though. I've tried these steps and many more.

I still cannot get a reliable backup going. Any suggestions or inspiration would be welcome! I see your post on the apple forums https: I see you've tried all of the normal USB cable swaps, even the port. I'm reviewing my notes on all of the socket failures now. Thanks for posting the console log on the apple thread -- that saves some steps: If you want to email directly about it, feel free to send a note to us: This is absolutely ridiculous that a major company like APple has to force its custoimers to resort to this garbage.

Why can';t the phone just show up as a HD like any other device. Because its private Anyone got another idea? Deleted backups, lockdown folder, reset network settings Still disconnecting. Hi, I have updated my Ipad, when trying to restore it brings out an error message, worst is this the last step, any advise. Getting all sorts of different error messages when trying to sync and update, itunes was seeing the iphone, but not connecting.

Getting iphone disconnected messages etc. Borrowed an original iphone 4 lead, hey presto everything worked as it should, synced and updated. Moral of this story if you want to do anything other than charge your phone use an original lead. I had saved a few pounds but wasted hour after hour after hour trying to resolve the problem. Thank you this worked with me! Every time I tried to sync it, it would take hours and, the update would always fail.

Like you said after switching to a regular 30 pin Apple Cable, I was able to get my important data backed up! This is all on good old iTunes I feel much safer now that if it indeed suddenly dies, I will be prepared to use my restore file to set up my new one! Oh my word, unbelievable - it's working! After so much messing around, time wasting and stress, what was the solution? Change which port the phone was connected through!!!!! None of these worked for me. That happens whenever I see a page with a fix with good responses, from everyone else. Does the backup fail immediately, or after a good chunk of time?

If you want the full effect, and can stomach it, also turn on Airplane Mode. Try the backup again.

iTunes could not restore the iPhone because the iPhone Disconnected

If you want some help taking a closer look, it may be easier to discuss via email. Tried the recommended steps in this article and a handful of other things. Only thing that worked for me was resetting the network settings on the iPhone itself. Go to Settings App. It allows you to selectively backup data from iPhone to computer as printable and viewable format, that is to say if you use AnyTrans for iOS to backup iPhone data, you can have access to the data backed up in computer whenever you need.

Step 1. Free download AnyTrans for iOS on your computer and then launch it on your computer, plug in your iPhone. Step 2. Scroll down to the Category management page, select the data type you want to backup. Take Photos as an example. Step 3. AnyTrans for iOS would display you all photos on iDevice. Select the photos you want to backup, click the To Computer button and selected photos will soon be transferred to computer.

Many people believe that while making iTunes backups, USB cable is necessary. Select Air Backup Mode. Connect your iDevice and computer Under the same Wi-Fi. After backup is finished, you can check your backups by clicking More Backups. When you are getting the message of "iTunes could not restore the iPhone because the iPhone disconnected", the three solutions below can be helpful. Just like fixing iTunes could not backup the iPhone because the iPhone disconnected, maybe it is the USB cable that should to be blame.

This is a solution that many iOS users forget to try. This is certainly the easiest thing you could do to fix iPhone disconnects errors during restore. If you tried all methods above but failed, there is still one last solution you can try to fix the problem of iTunes could not restore iPhone because the iPhone disconnected - using PhoneRescue. PhoneResue is developed to serve both Android and iOS users to recover data.

However, PhoneRescue for iOS can also be used to restore iPhone with previous backup even if iPhone disconnects error occurs. What's more exciting, you can selectively restore data from iTunes backup to iPhone, that is to say, if you just want to get back some missing data, you don't have to suffer from risks of losing existing data. Free download PhoneRescue for iOS to your computer and then launch it.

Please make sure there are previous iTunes backups on computer. Connect your iPhone to computer via an USB cable. PhoneRescue for iOS data recovery would display you all previous iTunes backups. Select one backup and click the Right Arrow button again. Then click Only Scan Backup if you want to view the data in iTunes Backup, click Compare if you want to find out the differences between the data in iTunes backup and iPhone. Step 4. Select the data type you want to restore to iPhone from iTunes backup, don't forget to click OK. Step 5.

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PhoneRescue would display you all data in iTunes backup. Select the data you want to restore to your iPhone, click the To Device tab. You can also save these data on computer as printable and viewable format. If you are having any problems, please do leave comments below.