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The Smart Shopping List Save time and money with features that make your shopping that much better. Share lists Make and share shopping lists together Instantly see changes with live updates on your grocery list Get timely notifications when changes are made. Save time Create your shopping list quickly with smart suggestions Use voice input to add items or create entire lists See items automatically grouped into categories.

Super convenient. Always with you on any device — smartwatch too! Buy exactly what you planned with photos and quantities.

Budget better by adding prices to your grocery list. Did you know? Easy to use, but full of smart features. Unlimited lists Make shopping, grocery lists for different stores and occasions. Tips and hacks s of tips and recipe ideas customized for you. Catalog of products Choose from a massive list of products. Photos Customize your list by adding photos to items. Quantities and units Add quantity, weight, or volume to items. Web version Create and update your lists at home or at work.

List widget Add items directly from your home screen. Localized products Find products specific to your country.

Out of Milk

Speaks your language Available in over 40 different languages. Learn more about Listonic.

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Over 3,, Android and iOS users Listonic is great for families. The item shows up there when you're done. That makes stuff much easier to find. The UI is clean and attractive. There isn't much wrong with it, honestly. Some other features include Wear OS support, image support, and you can share your lists with family members, roommates, etc.

It also works on iPhone and that should cover all of the smartphones in the house. This app is free with no in-app purchases, but there may be ads. Out of Milk Price: Out of Milk is one of the most popular grocery list apps.

There's a reason for that. It has a gorgeous UI and it's exceptionally easy to use. The app also features multiple grocery lists, list sharing with other people, and more. There are some additional and clever little tricks for you as well. The appeal of this one is its simplicity. It's useful for a lot of stuff, but it doesn't make you work hard to get there.

5 best grocery list apps for Android

There are also some to-do list features and some other stuff as well. It's an excellent app that also doesn't cost anything. That Shopping List Price: That Shopping List is another easy shopping list app. It does the basics quite well. You add items to the list as usual and delete them when you buy them as usual.

5 Best Grocery List Apps for Android

However, this one also comes with categories, full offline support, drag-and-drop functionality, and some auto-detection for the stuff you add. It all makes it easier to use. There are some list sharing features as well. You don't need an account or anything to use this one. The list sharing is also compatible cross-platform with IOS devices. There isn't much else to say, really. It's good at what it does. Check these out too! TickTick Price: TickTick is a powerful to-do list app. It's mostly for things like remembering to take out the garbage, work, honey-do lists, and other such tasks. However, it is setup in such a way that grocery lists are easy with TickTick.

You simply make a new section, call it grocery list, and add stuff to it. Such lists are shareable to anyone you want. Additionally, TickTick has a simple UI, reminders, and other to-do list style features.

5+ Best Grocery and Shopping List Apps for Android Users

The free version has limited amounts of all of the features. Most people should do just fine with the free version. The premium version adds some extra stuff, but it's only really needed if you need some seriously hardcore features. To Do List by Splend Apps is another simple, but excellent to do list app. It's a lot like TickTick.

The Smart Grocery Shopping List App for Android, IOS, Online - Listonic

You use it for stuff like weekly chore reminders, work stuff, and other stuff like that. However, it's configurable enough to use as a grocery list app. Some of the app's features include grouping tasks, widgets, push notification reminders, and syncing with Google. It's good and simple without much of a learning curve. Additionally, there are no subscription costs with this one.

It's not as good as many on the list. However, it is simpler and cheaper than many. Todoist Price: Todoist is an exceptional to-do list app. It also has native apps for Windows and Mac. The free version includes up to 80 active tasks, sharing with up to five people, sub-tasks, sub-projects, and some other features. You get reminders, labels, automatic backups, and some other features with the premium version. Putting notifications behind a paywall isn't the best idea. Thankfully, most grocery lists don't need them.

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This is a powerful and beautiful to-do list app with a ton of features, but we only recommend this one to people who need a to-do list app along with grocery list stuff too. Grocery store apps Price: Free usually.

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Some grocery store apps have grocery list functionality. The list is fairly long and contains a number of regional grocery store chains as well as national chains.