Samsung galaxy s3 black screen wont turn on

After a successful analysis and scanning process, all the files on your device will be displayed in the next window. Choose the particular files you want to save and then click on "Recover". It is that easy to get all the data from your device even if it won't turn on. Now let's get to the solution for this main problem. We should mention that this problem is fairly common but there is no single solution to the problem. Even Samsung engineers had to perform some troubleshooting procedures just to figure out what was happening.

There are however a number of troubleshooting procedures you can try on your own. Who knows, you may fix the problem in just the first try. Here's what you can do:. Press the power button repeatedly. This is an easy way to determine whether there is indeed a problem with the device.

If your device won't turn on no matter how many times you press the power button, remove the battery and then hold the power button down. This is to drain any electricity stored in the components on the phone. Place the battery back in the device and then trying powering on. If the phone stays dead, try booting it in Safe mode. This is to rule out the possibility of an app preventing the phone from booting up. To boot in Safe Mode, follow these steps;. Release the power button and hold the Volume Down Key. The device will restart and you should see the Safe Mode Text in the lower-left corner of the screen.

If you cannot boot to safe mode boot to recovery mode and then wipe the cache partition. This is the last resort and there is no guarantee that it will fix your device but here's how to do it. Release the Power Button as soon as you feel the phone vibrate but keep holding the other two until the Android System Recover screen appears.

Using the Volume Down button select "wipe cache partition" and then press the Power button to select it. The device will boot automatically.

If none of this works you may have a battery problem. If you change the battery and the problem still persists, seek help from a technician. They will be able to determine whether the problem is your power switch and fix it. If you manage to fix the problem, you will really want to avoid a similar situation in the near future.

For this reason we have come up with a few ways you can protect your device from future problems. One of the troubleshooting procedures in Part 3 above should work to fix the problem if you establish that you don't have a hardware issue. Backup data on your Android devices easily and restore backup files selectively to any device. Aug 15, Part 1. Weird how can they say that, any ways I updated the article see the link in method 2 above I think that will work for you my friend.

Hey there, I have an Samsung s4 GT I that is sometimes more then often now is unresponsive — could you please tell me how could I fix this? Sure simply try the above more than once and if that fails also consider factory resetting your phone but back up the contents before you attempt to wipe the device this will sometimes fix the issue if its software based. I have Samsung galaxy S3. I have dropped my phone on the ground.

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I hit it three or four times and the screen went green. After on hour the screen went black but all other things are still working. I can accept calls, I can charge my phone , I can hear sounds when i touch something but i cant see anything. If there is any solution without paying anything please tell me. I need help. See full content.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Won't Turn On [Solved]-

Based on your description you probably disconnected the display when you dropped the phone which would be relatively easy to fix if the instruction above did not get the phone display to power on. My advise is to open the phone and check that the phones ribbon cable for the display did not come loose. If that did not work then you might need a new screen, a promising sign is that there are no cracks on the display. Please let me know your findings. It was sitting on the couch and the screen went blank.. Its going on tow days now with no screen , But he can hear calls and text notifications.

We tried the 1 min with no battery and then waiting 5 minutes to put the battery back in. I will tell him to try this 2 minutes with no sim card or battery and wait 10 minutes. I sure hopes this helps.. Thanks for the tip. Best of luck and remember to try it more than once and try variations such as leaving the battery out for a much longer time. Just had this happen to my note 4, so I tried it! Not necessarily, did you attempt the procedure above? You may want to also open the phone and check to see if anything including the display came loose when it was dropped.

Let me know the outcome. I have the same problem as George.. Except I have the Samsung S3 and i tried the first method multiple of times I was wondering where would the display be loose at since i dropped it? The suggestion that something is loose is in reference to the display connector inside the phone its only a guess though but likely. I have the problem with the screen being black on my s4.

I can hear everything and the lights come on, and i even hear the touch screen respond when i touch it. Before, the phone worked perfect. Since the glass swap, screen is black. I have never had this happen before. I did not completely kill the lcd, but something during the fix made this happen. Step 1 is not working for me. I can try step 2, but do you have any idea what my issue could be with the added details I gave you? Thanks for the details Matt, Well based on what you have mentioned I suggest that you try this: Make sure that you have tried step 1 more than once as it does not work on the first try always sometimes it does on the 3rd or 4th or so on.

If that fails I suggest that you open your device again as you did before and double check your work, you will be surprise that sometimes you either caused something to become loose, did not place a part correctly or something like that and the display ended up in this situation. I hardly doubt that you have damaged the screen so take a breather and take your time.

Keep me updated on the progress. Hi, I attempted the removal, wait, and replace method and the phone did come back on but a minute later it shut off once again. I attempted the process again to no avail. My led light blinks red and then stops. Will waiting longer than the ten minutes affect the phone in anyway? No waiting longer than the 10 minutes will not affect you negatively and so you can try waiting longer to guarantee the residual energy is drained from the phones and should help your situation.

Thanks for your reply. No luck as of yet phone is not responding anymore to the removal battery method. If i am able to find a professional can the problem be fixed or is there instances of no coming back. Any more suggestions? Sorry to hear that the above did not work here are some additional things that you can try to get rid of the black Screen, please attempt them in the order given: Additional things to try in fixing your Black screen on your Samsung Galaxy 1.

It could be a fault with your battery get a new one even if its just for a quick test you can borrow a friends battery that has the same phone. Also check your battery terminals to make sure they are not corroded. Sometimes the power button becomes jammed and causes the Black screen so you will need to give your phone a solid smack around the power button area by hitting it against your palm carefully so as to nudge the button loose.

Do this with the battery removed a few times then try powering up. Remove the SIM card and memory Card, then connect your Phone to the computer to charge -do not use the wall adapter and while its shows charging and off. Now hold down volume, home button and power, the phone will enter recovery mode and all you will need to do is select the option that says wipe cache, use the power button to select and volume keys to navigate. Do the same as 3 above but hold the up volume button, if it goes to recovery simply restart the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Won't Turn On [Solved]

Do the same as 3 above but this time hold both volume up and down at the same time. The phone should vibrate and restart, if it goes into recovery -restart the phone. Remove the battery and plug it to the computer with the battery out, now while its connected put the battery in. The battery icon should come on and it will charge, now power on the phone and that should do it.

So far no luck after 3rd try of method one.

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I left the note pen in place during those tries so now am trying with the pen out as well. I think it may have overheated. I do notice an instantaneous grey fuzz of light in the top part of the screen when I power the phone after these tries only to have it go black. Also the only way I can see to power off my phone is to remove the battery since I am not able to press the power off option on screen so I hope that matches ok with your methods.

See the link in method 2 above I added an additional method that I created in a separate article to help those with the issue if method 1 did not work. You might have to flash your device as it seems to be stuck on boot. Try rebooting by pulling the battery and see if it boots for you. I dropped my phone a few times before. Based on your detailed description I think those constant drops has caused something to come loose in the phone.

Open it up and check the connections. If you are not sure how to do that check YouTube for a disassemble video and you should be good. Lets hope its a loose display connection and that you do not need a new screen all together. I read this after i fixed my black screen on my S5 in case it happened again.

This is what i did my phone would not turn off my screen was black but I could hear the phone working so I took the battery off the back and waited only a few seconds before putting it back then a strange thing happened the phone was already switched on so I think you are right and the cause may have been a build up of charge how else could it still be on after a battery was removed! Great point Eve and thanks for your contribution to the article as it may help some one else out.

Its definitely caused in most cases by a build up of charge within the phone that needs to be released. The screen did not break but went black. I read your blog and did the steps you suggested. I have turned it off, taken the battery out and waited 20 min. I also purchased a repair kit and unscrewed the back to see if there was anything disconnected.

I can hear that the phone is working. I see the blue light when I power it on. I am also able to find my data when I plug it into the USB to my computer. I hope there is something I can do to save this phone. Thanks in advance. My samsung tab s8. I tryed the above no response. I have a galaxy s3, it worked the night before. I charged mine the next morning it was working still. But i shut it off while it was charging, went to turn it back on the screen was black then it turns pink afterwards.

The light comes on and can hear the sound on the phone of the water. I really like the phone i have.

Effective Samsung Fix & Data Extraction

Try it again again but leave the battery out longer. Black Screen Fix for the Galaxy S6. OK Jackie I understand your situation, I made some additional suggestions above in the comments with some links to other articles I have that might help please read said comments and if there is anything else I can help with please do not hesitate to ask.

Well after countless tries I came across your entry and now my Note 2 works fine! Thanks again!!! Do you have any suggestions what to do? Screens are very durable a small crack on the screen does not mean it will not work, I have even seen cases of sever cracking and screens still work-The reason being the real screen is covered and what you are seeing on top is protective glass. So try the method more than once and if its fails then consider other steps. I open it, I did what you says but it doesnt work, and there is not online information for this model, and nobody knows how to repair it.

I took it with 6 technicians…. Did you try a spear battery and then try my method, if your current battery cannot power the device the the above method would fail. Also more details on how it got this way would be appreciated and could shed light on whats happening. When I hit the power button the screen flashes white but ask the lights and sounds work fine ugh …. I updated the article see the link in method 2, you will need a heat Gun seems your issue is more severe, that method should work fine on your case.

Need help my phone had water damage but me and my put it in rice and left it there for a few days and afterwards it worked but once it hit 11 it turned off again and went right back to what it did before a black screen and the buttons work I tried what 6ou said and nothing I really need thus to get fixed please help.

I think you might have missed some of the water I suggest that you disassemble the phone and use a heat gun as shown in method 2 above which should help in getting the phone dried and the issue corrected, while you are in there be sure to dry the other areas thoroughly. I tried three times and on the 4th time, I took out the SD card and did the process and it worked. Thanks for your help. I have a Blu Studio 3. Yes go ahead and try it, while this article is meant for Samsung Galaxies it should work for your device as well, let me know how it turns out.

I have now tried the first solution for 4 times and no results, but when I startup my phone there is just a small moment when the screen blinks very very dimly I had to be in a room whit no lights and the first row of pixels just having some random colors. Did you try removing your SD card and so on and trying this? Holding down the power button is also an option. Some detailed as to how this first happened to your device may also help Alex.

I have tried 20 times so far. This happened once before, about a year ago. Then I just waited for 2 days with the battery out. Now I did the same and no results. This time I were holding my phone and reading comments and then suddenly the screen went black, then I took the battery out immediately.

Both of these happened after a plane flight. Sorry to hear that your phone is not working, you could try the smack method to loosen the power button that may be stuck and causing the issue of the black screen or sometimes it can even cause the device to freezes on boot too. Remove the battery again and using something like a telephone directory that can absorb impact you give a descent but moderate blow on the side to the power button repeatedly, you can also use your palm-be careful though as if you use too much force it can damage your device and renumber you are responsible for your device and I will not be held responsible if you damage it,so only attempt at your own risk or if you are comfortable with what i am saying sounds strange but it can work in some cases.

Otherwise the only other ideas I have involves changing the display or re-flowing the circuit board inside the device with a heat gun which is a bit trickier. When I applied the above mentioned process my s4,s LCD lightened up but it again gone black within 30 seconds. Patience is the key here try leaving the battery out longer and try again repeatedly.

Let me know how things turned out. I have a Note 4, dropped in awaterfor less than a second.. Any ideas? Are you sure all the water was removed? I recommend the bag of rice trick to ensure all moisture is driven from the phone or a heat gun or blow drier. You might think the water is all gone but it might be causing issues. Most Users that have fixed the issue are having luck with the first method so my suggestion is that you try that repeatedly and remember to remove the Micro SD card.

Your best bet is the options outlined here, other things you could try involves removing and reflowing your phones circuit board with a heat gun. Each situation is unique so we have to basically run down a list of possibilities until we find a solution the fix above though tends to work in most situations. Hi There I Try this method also try to remove it and clean my entire phone but nothing happens.

Other tips can you give to resolve this problem. You feedback is much appreciated. Thanks in Advance. If you have tried both methods and failed the other option is to re-flow the phones circuit board with a heat gun. You may want to look into weather or not your display is working at all. I dropped my galaxy s5 active in water. Now the screen is black. The the led charging light works. It turns on and I can get calls and I can unlock the screen and hear sounds. What could be wrong with it? Water should not bother your active as its water resistant and more rugged, any way do try the methods above with the battery and should work even for the S5 Active.

Thank you sooooooo much! My daughter said she just witnessed a miracle! There is a video embedded in the Article that shows you what to do when fixing the problem that the article talks about. Hi Ricardo! I was texting my friend halfway when my Samsung S4 turned black. I have tried method 1 4 times but it has not worked so far. My phone vibrates and rings and has led lights but the display remains black! This has happened to my Note 2 previously mutiple times. Do you think it might be a hardware problem? How would I fix that then? Sure Lee I have a solution that might work in your situation, the power button might be stuck so what you want to do is to use the smack method around the power button and give it a firm smack within your palm or on a telephone directory.

This can loosen the stuck button but remember use moderate force and do not overdo it or you can check out this situation that almost similar here. Do keep me updated. You may have a more sever issue, such as a damaged display or something got knocked loose during the fall.

Otherwise the method usually works. I try your method but it did not work. Well there was no need for the button combo for the black screen issue do follow step one and then if it fails then try step 2 I updated the article with a new method for those who step one may not work for and they have a more severe issue. My galaxy note es when pluged shows no batary charging but thats not real probleb. The problem is that when it starts and keeps loading after system launch it turns screen off but menu and back buttons are turned on. The phone is rooted with custom rom. Can you help with this issue?

Vlad in your case the issue might be the custom ROM which might be unstable and causing the effects seen, do try reloading the Rom or restoring the device to stock if the above method in the article does no work after repeated attempts. I have tried the above method about 6 times with no results as well as trying to plug it into my computer. I have an S5 and the screen is blank but it still vibrates when holding any of the buttons down and the blue notification button appears after restarting but with a black screen. Look at the link in method 2 on how to reflow the board inside your phone that method works wen the first method fails I added that to help those with this issue after the first method.

It should work for you. Hey Ricardo! So i have had my samsung galaxy s4 for like a year now and i got this problem. I have got like a black screen on it and everytime i push on the power button the screen flashes white and green then it just gets black again but the phone works i could hear the sounds and get message but the screen is just all black. So i tried everything to get it back working again, so the next day i woke up the phone start to work as usual again but after like 8 hours it got the same problem.

I have tried the first method and i have tried the heat gun method but i wasnt sure what i was suppose to infuse. I have drop it a few times but they was very small force, it doesnt have any crack on the screen and i have never gotten any water into the phone. Help me please! Every thing that you have tried has worked in the past to fix this issue without fail, the only thing left that I can think about is to nudge the power button to see if its faulty and is causing the Black Screen by carefully giving it a smack around the power button area with the battery out on a telephone directory or in the palm carefully.

I hope that works its the only thing I can think of, you can see me fixing a similar issue here. Hey Vi Pham thanks for asking about the Heat Gun method, I decided to do a article for you and for my other readers as they will benefit from in case the first method did not work: Sorry it did not work for you nicole, in most situations this solutions has worked for some after several attempts. I have the black screen problem but everytime I pull off the battery and reboot,the screen works normally. However after I lockscreen and press the power button,the screen just remain black but there is sound.

I have tried factory reset and method 1 countless time but the problem still exist. Is there other solution I can try? Hey John based on your Description it might be that the power button itself is at fault and why it re-occurs each time is because of the button itself which you will either need to find a way to fix or find a work around that involves you not pressing or using it. Hi Ricardo Thank you very much from your insight into this fix. My mom Dropped her phone and it went on black screen. I had tried everything on internet including remove batt.

Then I came acroos your fix just before going to sprint to see if they can fix and I did the batt removal , sd card removal , sim card removal , press power button 2 minutes, gave a 20 second blow dryer session on the back side just for moisture control if any and let it sit for 10 minutes. Afterwards put all back and low and behold, all works. Hope it stays that way. I hope my other readers take note as sometimes you have to think outside the box seeing you have all the information to fix your devise. Thanks again for your valuable information its sure to help someone out.

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I have the symptoms you describe I can hear the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone boot song , but display stays black. Yes make sure its completely off, if the first procedure fails several times then the heatgun fix tends to work if you are comfortable with that method. Weather or not it was dropped or got wet the Black screen problem can occur, try the first method several times and if that fails then if you think you are up to it go for the second method with heating up the Circuit board with a heat Gun. Hello Ricardo.

I have Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo. I changed the lcd screen then power on the phone and when i saw the Samsung logo i pulled out the battery. After that the screen remains black every time i power on the phone but the led indicator,sound and vibration works fine. I tried 3 times the method 1 but still nothing. The fact that you saw the Android logo means it was installed properly but do recheck your install work and retry the method leaving the battery out longer. So I dropped my note 3. The screen broke and is completely black. When I remove the battery and replace it, I am able to push the power button and see the blue LED that would normally come on when the phone powers up.

All I want are the pictures off the phone. Yesterday evening after the incident I attempted to plug the phone up to my desktop but was unable to pull up the storage device. I also tried pressing the home button, power button and volume up button at the same time but the screen was still black. It should be detected for you to backup your content, its normal for a Android not to pop up on your pc the first time its connected sometimes it takes several attempts before it pops up, also if your phones locked it will not come up for you to get to your stuff, maybe you can connect it to a display or something, just a thought.

I also fear that your display might be totally broken but its hard to tell. I dropped my phone in watter. Online stuff told me to put it in rice. Once I did the phone went black. It is a samsung A7. The damage sounds severe or you have water damage you may need to take it in to have it looked at. I am trying this for the 3rd time; however, my Galaxy s5 Mini is still not responding. Any other suggestions?

The only other solution would be the reflow fix with a heat gun which I have linked to in Method 2 above. So Ricardo, I have tried many things to get my daughters s4 working. I have done discharge trick numerous times when this did not work I than disassemble phone and checked all cable connections and went so far as to disconnect them and reconnect them. Phone still turns on has sound vibrates and lights work at bottom by home button work however still no screen.

Dwight did you try the reflow fix that involves heating up the PCB with a heat gun? I have linked to that tutorial in the article. Method 2 link is in the first line. Did not work on my phone. The blue light turns on the the normal sound then it vibrates like usual but screen still black.. I suggest you attempt a few more times and leave battery out for longer, if all else fails use the heat gun method Rebecca. Check out the New Community Trophy Contest here! Samsung Galaxy S3. Forums Cell Phones Android Smartphones.

How To Fix A Galaxy S3 That Won’t Turn On [Troubleshooting Guide]

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next Sort by votes. Mar 30, 2 0 4, 0. This morning, my phone flew out of my hand. I thought it was alright, but after school it didn't turn on What do I do?!?!?!? Titillating Dignified. Aug 18, 2, 1 13, Sounds like the screen is damaged from the fall. Nothing you can do about it besides getting the screen replaced. You must log in or register to reply here. I dropped it face down and the screen is black.

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