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There is some top end hardware here, particularly the screen, but nothing which stands out in a busy and competitive market. A key element is that the design of the Galaxy S5 falls short. It's plastic, looks like every other Samsung handset and doesn't feel premium. Galaxy S4 users needn't upgrade and anyone looking for a flagship smartphone can get better elsewhere. Top-notch specs, less software bloat Source: Software bloat has been pared down and a few useful new features added, while the technical specifications are superb and battery life is good. Design purists may bemoan the plastic chassis, but the Galaxy S5 is still a worthy successor to last year's model.

The TechSpot Review Source: At the end of the day, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a fine flagship smartphone that meets most criteria. Many refinements to the formula are great, others not so much, but the overall package is one that users should generally like and enjoy to use, current S4 owners included. Best Android phone With an extra gig of RAM over the competition, a promising stills- and video camera that lets you display 4K footage on your 4K TV, one-touch sharing, listening, mirroring and backup via NFC, a gorgeous screen, excellent dust- and waterproofing credentials and the largest-capacity battery prior to the existence of any power-saving mode, Sony is surely on to a winner with the Xperia Z2.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review: Mobileburn People will look to the Galaxy S5 for a fresh take on an amazing smartphone and they will be misguided to do so. It would be wiser to focus on what the S5 offers -- tons of enhancements and fixes for most of the things that people complain about with their smartphones. The camera is noticeably clearer, the battery life is remarkably better, the screen is brighter and has better colors, and the body of the phone undoubtedly better. This is exactly what people wanted, and Samsung delivered on the core attributes of what makes a great phone.

If you're looking for a phone to shake the smartphone paradigm, look elsewhere. If you want a phone that does the important things well and throws in a few bonuses a long the way, Samsung has made its best Android phone yet, and it's ready to meet those needs. T Break The Samsung Galaxy S5 is surely an upgrade over the Galaxy S5 is almost every single way- better screen, better camera, longer lasting battery and a faster processor.

That being said, I think the Galaxy S4 continues to be a great phone, especially after the KitKat update. However, if you have anything older and are looking to upgrade I would definitely suggest going down to the store and playing with the Galaxy S5. Samsung Galaxy S5 Source: Hot Hardware We've occasionally passed out Editor's Choice awards here when there are multiple devices in a category that we feel are worthy. Some people will find themselves drawn to the One's fantastic exterior design quality, while others will lean towards the GS5's beautiful S-AMOLED display and unique, powerful feature set.

Laptop Mag With its gorgeous display, powerful Snapdragon processor and enhanced camera, the Samsung Galaxy S5 easily eclipses its predecessor along with nearly all other smartphones on the market.

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Oh, and let's not forget the fact that the S5 can go for a quick dip and keep on kicking. Plus, the T-Mobile S5 lasts nearly 11 hours on a charge, longer than the carrier models we tested. Think Digit The Galaxy S5 does incorporate new features like water and dust resistance, a heart rate monitor and a fingerprint scanner, but the area where it loses is its design. Samsung has not done enough to make the Galaxy S5 a desirable premium smartphone. There is no compromise on performance though but we really wished that the Samsung would overhaul the build and design of its smartphones.

Featuring a superior camera, better battery life, slightly improved performance and a life-proof water and dust-resistant design, the Xperia Z2 is one of the best smartphones we've ever used. However, it is a close call, and with the iPhone 5S costing less and offering easier operating system updates and the Galaxy S5 a more robust portfolio of enterprise security services, many readers will have their own favourite of the three. Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone Source: Tested The Galaxy S5 is an expensive phone, so for most users it'll be a two-year deal.

Being locked in with any device for that long is likely to be unpleasant. I can't promise Samsung will keep the GS5 up to date for the entire time, or even that it will get the next major OS update in a timely fashion. That's just the risk you take with a non-Nexus Android phone. Still, the device Samsung has released is excellent, and it's definitely worthy of being on your shortlist. Surpassing Apple iPhone 5s with brilliant performance, stunning camera Source: Underneath the high price and plastic body lies a very good smartphone that has come a long way from the initial days of the Galaxy S.

I do think they could have done a better job with polycarbonate though. Samsung Galaxy S5 Review Source: While the display is out-of-this-world good, the rest just sort of feels somewhat unremarkable. The camera is good, not ground-breaking. The water resistance is nice, but nothing new to phones. And the whole phone design feels extremely dated and out-of-touch. I want more than just a beautiful display. I would take the camera, but others have capable cameras.

Where is that thing, that is trying to draw me in? Or maybe it will be here in the Galaxy S6. Galaxy S5 vs Note 3 head to head review Source: Featuring a more ergonomic, water and dust resistant design, more robust portfolio of security services and significantly better rear camera than its phablet predecessor, the Galaxy S5 is currently the best Samsung handset available.

However, featuring a larger, but equally impressive screen, slightly better battery and useful S Pen Stylus, there is still plenty to like about the Galaxy Note 3. If Samsung had got its act together and updated the phablet to the current KitKat version of Android and new version of Touchwiz, the battle would have been far, far closer. Probably not for Galaxy S4 owners, for whom the hardware upgrades are, on the whole, minimal and the extra bulk possibly unwelcome. Galaxy S3 owners coming to the end of a contract will be much more interested, with a massive spec bump and improved grip and durability, plus the much updated TouchWiz refinements.

Five is, of course, a higher number than four, which in turn is greater than three. And, in terms of specs, the Galaxy S range runs along similar lines — the S5 is on the whole, the best device in the series yet and comes with my general recommendation. But, new applications and UI tweaks aside, is it just me who finds the annual upgrades more of a 0. LTE speeds, especially, burned up the charts. Laptop Mag With a practically flawless display, excellent camera and streamlined software, the Galaxy S5 marks a triumph for Samsung. A water-resistant body and long-lasting battery solidify the S5's position as one of the leading smartphones on the market.

Unfortunately, this version of the S5 is held back by sluggish Sprint LTE speeds, at least where we tested. Signs that we may have reached 'Peak smartphone' Source: Peak Smartphone Theory. The entire industry has arranged itself around a yearly upgrade cycle, but at this point, there just isn't any compelling reason for most manufacturers to release a new flagship phone. Unfortunately for Samsung, while the Galaxy S5 is a fantastic phone, all these factors mean there's nothing compelling us to run out and buy it, or recommend that anyone else does so.

If you're determined to buy a top-end phone for the sake of having a top-end phone, you'll probably end up choosing the S5. If not, you could actually save quite a bit of money by stepping down a notch. Its more refined interface, practically perfect display and improved camera make it a worthy successor to the S4. Add to that more than 8 hours of battery life and a water-resistant chassis, and the Galaxy S5 finds itself at a level occupied by few other smartphones.

This is the name of the game in the smartphone space now. I was surprised that Samsung could ship something that is watertight AND removable at the same time, and overall, the phone is well-built and better than the Galaxy S4, so if you like the previous one, I suspect that you will like the S5 design better. Galaxy S5 deep-dive review: Long on hype, short on delivery Source: The Galaxy S5 has some good things going for it. The phone boasts an excellent display, superb battery life and a respectable camera.

It's water-resistant, too, which is a relatively unusual trait in smartphones today. But Samsung's weaknesses hold the GS5 back in some meaningful ways -- ways in which other manufacturers are currently thriving. The phone feels cheaply made, it's unnecessarily large with no accompanying benefit to the bulk and its software is cluttered and visually inconsistent. Beyond all of that, there's just nothing about the device that sets it apart or makes it feel particularly special. If the Galaxy S5 existed in a world of its own, it'd look pretty darn impressive.

The problem is that the real world isn't so one-dimensional -- and when you start making comparisons, Samsung's "next big thing" looks a lot less grand. Galaxy S5 vs Nexus 5 head-to-head review Source: Featuring a more robust design, superior performance, better camera and clearer display, the Galaxy S5 outperforms the Nexus 5 in almost every way. However, with the Nexus 5 already halfway through its lifecycle as a flagship smartphone and costing close to half the price of the Galaxy S5, the Google handset does present far better value for money and is still a solid choice for any buyer on a budget.

The excellent display and great battery life are joined by the robust chassis. Samsung's biometric features might be ropey, but there is so much to like it doesn't matter if you don't use them. Improved phone still a step behind other Android models Source: It's not the best for blasting music, for instance, and while the TouchWiz interface has been cleaned up, it's still a step behind HTC's. While I give the edge to the HTC One M8 , they're both excellent phones and the one that's right for you will depend on what you use your phone for.

For those who carefully compare smartphones to get exactly the right device, the Galaxy S5 still stands up well. Better, but not the best Source: Greenbot I've always referred to Samsung as the iPhone of the Android world because their devices are the ones you suggest to your friends and family members who are effectively Android noobs and need a device that's easy to figure out, well-supported, and performs well. As a seasoned Android user, Samsung's Galaxy handsets continue to perplex me, but not to the point where I don't see their mass appeal.

After all, it's got the latest specifications, a really stellar camera, and that bright screen coupled with a long-lasting battery that means its good for catching up on TV on the go. It has all of the bells and whistles a typical smartphone user would want. Water-resistance is something we find ourselves wishing every phone offered. Samsung Galaxy S5 video review: Evolution not revolution for flagship smartphone Source: The device looks almost identical and much like Samsung's other smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S5 review: Gimme a high S5: Samsung Galaxy S5 puts substance over style Source: Reg Hardware Make no mistake, this phone is going to be very popular.

It has plenty of cool innovations and decent features, from the efficient fingerprint scanner to the heartbeat monitor. And more usefully it includes improved battery life, good water resistance and a better camera. But this is powerful and good-looking enough to persuade Samsung loyalists and floating voters with ease.

Trusted Reviews The Samsung Galaxy S5 is probably the worst-looking of the three Android flagships we know about so far. Of course, if your phone is case-bound, the look of the hardware won't matter too much. It's a phone with some significant improvements over that model. It lacks the style of its nearest rivals, but it more than delivers on every other point and has a truly oustanding screen.

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Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S head to head review Source: Offering a more rugged design, along with superior display, camera and battery life the Galaxy S5 is one of the finest smartphones currently available. However, with the iPhone 5S having been released around six months ago, the device is already halfway through its lifecycle as a flagship product. The Samsung Galaxy S5's real challenge lies in the future when Apple unveils its next-generation flagship iPhone handset.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 remains king of the jacks of all trade, at least. Engadget The S5 is a solid upgrade over last year's model, with improvements to the hardware, software and camera. However, certain headline features like the fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor are mediocre at best. Chances are, you'll be happy with the phone, but don't fork out the extra cash for an early upgrade. Powered by Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon processor and boasting IP67 certification, the Galaxy S5 is a powerful and robust handset.

The Galaxy S5's portfolio of security features, which includes a new custom fingerprint scanner and upgraded Knox 2. Samsung Galaxy S5: First impressions Source: Although the removable plastic back makes it possible to replace the battery, it comes across as cheap next to the iPhone's glass back and the HTC One's metal body. And Samsung hasn't completely removed all the clutter. There are still two separate apps to listen to music, watch video and buy apps.

Laptop Mag The Galaxy S5 represents a shift for Samsung away from throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks to placing bets on fewer innovations. That strategy largely pays off with this handset. While the fingerprint reader could be more consistent, the S5 is a more refined product than the S4. We love the bright and colorful display, longer battery life and sharper camera with real-time HDR.

The Galaxy S5 triumphs on function, although its style falls a little short; the HTC One is downright gorgeous, but you make some serious compromises with its camera. Both exemplify the current state of the art. If the tweaked build and cleaned-up user interface are anything to go by, Samsung is taking design - inside and out - seriously. T3 Where things get a little more interesting is with the heart rest monitor. Place your finger over the sensor on the back of the phone and you'll be given a reading.

During our time with the phone it worked around 60 per cent of the time and it wasn't always accurate; at one point we were given a reading of bpm - we're pretty sure that's heart-attack territory. If you drop your phone in water a lot, you want this one. Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s smartphone comparison review: Vieles verbessert, aber wenig revolutioniert Source: Das derzeit beste Smartphone am Markt? Das Cocktail-Smartphone Source: Tom's Guide While the S5 Active is larger and heavier than the original Galaxy S5, what it lacks in lightness it more than makes up for with military-spec durability.

The only Android phone tougher than the S5 Active is the 4. But fitted with last-gen components, the Brigadier's Snapdragon is lapped by the S5 Active's Snapdragon chip.

With the S5 Active's speedy processor, enduring battery and even louder speakers, you get the equivalent of Mustang performance in a Humvee body. Now all you have to do is prepare for life without the limits of conventional smartphone worries, and figure out what to do with the extra money you would have spent on a case. Ubergizmo English We usually think of smartphones as delicate devices, prone to crack from accidental drops or die from unintended water contact.

The Galaxy S5 Active raises the bar for ruggedness in smartphones without sacrificing screen space or functionality. The special apps that come with the device show the designers put some thoughts into assembling some useful tools that would fit into the lifestyle of those who would use a sturdy phone. Aside from the ruggedness, the phone can stand on its own as a reliable mobile device for text, photos, messages, and social media.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is a good reliable mobile phone for anybody, but especially for the sporty, active users. A high-end phone for the accident prone Source: Greenbot The Galaxy S5 Active is a lot of things. Another would be that its a Galaxy S5 with a slimmed-down Otterbox case on it.

Now it just comes down to which you prefer: Samsung Galaxy S5 Active review: Combat ready Source: If you are in the United States and looking for a smartphone of this type, the handset must be at the very top of your shopping list. Potential users in the rest of the world should look forward to the wide release of the handset as well. But only if they can provide the life of adrenaline and adventure this phone is built for. I don't care for fingerprint scanners, and I think the Active key will be genuinely more useful for the majority of people.

Otherwise, it offers the exact same experience as the standard GS5. I personally prefer the S5 Active's design, and the added weight makes it feel like a more premium device in my hands.

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Either would make a fine choice, but if you're a klutz or adrenaline junkie, the Active should jump to the top of your list. Laptop Mag The Galaxy S5 Active is a smartphone that has a much better chance of surviving the length of that two-year contract than your typical handset. Plus, you get all the best goodies the regular S5 has to offer, including its bright and rich full HD screen, long battery life and feature-rich camera.

The louder speaker than the S5 is another plus. One year ago, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini would have easily been a standard-sized smartphone. But it is smaller than the Galaxy S5 and does not offer all the features, either, so it is called "Mini". Where did the manufacturer save some money? And how does the Galaxy S5 Mini perform compared to other "Mini" devices?

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Mini not mighty Source: Pocket Lint Sure, Samsung has crammed the S5 mini with impressive features such as waterproofing, a fingerprint reader and heart-rate monitor - but how often will those actually get used? The heart-rate monitor in particular is no stand-in for the likes of Samsung's Gear Live or Gear Fit, one of which you'll likely want to get the most out of the built-in S Health feature.

The S5 mini is a more affordable way to get Samsung's latest features and, of course, offers those in a more portable package than the larger-screen direction most of the flagships are headed. It's mini, but with the build quality and changing marketplace it's not as mighty this time around.

Design and price beats additional features Source: PC Advisor t's a close call here with two very similarly kitted out smartphones. However, the HTC One mini 2 pips it for us with its superior design, cheaper price tag and better software. We'd understand if you wanted to spend the extra for the Galaxy S5 mini's fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor and IR blaster, though. Recombu All in all, the Galaxy S5 Mini is a decent phone and has a good go at reproducing the user experience offered by its bigger and more prestigious sibling. When placed against other so-called 'Mini' spin-offs it fares well in terms of tech specs, however, there are a few devices out there not being pitched as scaled-down flagships that are possibly better all-rounders - the Motorola Moto G instantly springs to mind.

With just 0. Of course, there's also the matter of processor and camera, both of which the Alpha wins at, but a lower price and better storage options are where the S5 mini manages to fight back. It's a tough call, and will really depend on what you need from your device, so make sure you take a close look at our comparison review to help you determine which is best for you. It looks and feels similar, and offers most — if not quite all — the features of its more expensive brother.

Look a bit deeper and you do see a few cuts here are there, though. It's not an automatic choice, though. A very good, smaller take on the S5 that's only eclipsed by the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and cheaper 5-inch phones. A great little phone that's just too expensive Source: Our key concerns lie in its pricing and performance: The new dust- and waterproof casing is a nice touch, but the S5 mini isn't as good-looking as the HTC One mini 2, while the heart-rate monitor and fingerprint scanner are welcome but not essential additions.

T3 This is a well-designed, powerfully specced phone that will suit all sizes of hands from the smallest to the most sausage-fingered - though the latter will need to type carefully. The Samsung Galaxy S5 mini succeeds because it's a more widely usable size than the bigger S5, and because it cuts few corners in the shrinking process.

To include a fingerprint sensor, infra-red blaster and heart rate monitor on a phone that you can splash without ruining are significant achievements. And the size and software mean that it's very pleasing to use. Techradar If you're taken with the Galaxy S5's design, fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor, but can't afford its lofty price tag - or want a handset that's more manageable in the hand - then the Galaxy S5 Mini is a strong replacement. Samsung Galaxy S5 mini review: Big enough Source: Next to it's bigger sibling - it's probably Samsung's best mini to date.

It retains what makes the bigger flagship desirable and cleverly mimics its superb performance so that it's easy to think the raw hardware power is equal. Samsung has made this smartphone snappy thanks to good software optimizations. The proprietary feature list is also pretty long as is usual for Samsung smartphones.

The motion gestures are here, even if the air ones aren't available, the IR blaster is here as well - we only wish HTC had provided one for their mini smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Source: Wird das Mini endlich erwachsen? Kompakt und beinahe tadellos Source: Samsung Galaxy S5 mini Source: Gadget Show Samsung has largely improved on last year's Galaxy S4 Zoom with the Galaxy K Zoom, cranking up its camera skills and dropping its huge heft, but it's simply still a tank of a phone.

Samsung has tried to deliver the best of both camera and phone, and unfortunately, it just doesn't match up. Is it a phone? Is it a camera? It surely is, and a good one at that. Who would buy it? Recombu The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is a good smartphone with mid-range internals that will make the average user happy. It is, however, only a good camera compared with a digital compact, making it hard to recommend wholeheartedly. Really, this phone is all about the optical zoom, and we still think that the Galaxy S5 can actually produce somewhat superior photos when shooting at a wide angle.

Amazing colors and sharpness with stun contrast of the display; powerful processor; good camera. Only single rear speaker. Ubergizmo English At the end of the day, the decision to get the Galaxy S5 Sport over the standard Galaxy S5 will come to a matter of preference. Both phones are feature-rich and are powerful road warriors.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport Source: Hot Hardware Overall, the Galaxy S5 Sport showed itself to be a very capable, high-end smartphone that performs well, has an excellent camera, and has no problem making it through a full day of use. Laptop Mag I would trade a millimeter of thinness for extra durability and battery life, and with the Galaxy S5 Sport, that's exactly what you get. And unless you're worried about being too conspicuous, the vibrant paint jobs are a nice touch as well. I love the three physical buttons, and the textured back is great for everyone, from workout fanatics to people who can't remember that last time they went to the gym.

But while the Active actually added some useful features, like enhanced durability and a customizable physical button, the Galaxy S5 Sport feels like nothing more than a shill for promotional tie-ins. Samsung only used plastic even for its premium line in the past. This is now different, and it launches its Galaxy Alpha smartphone with an aluminum bezel. The phone places a claim on the smartphone crown with its strong components, but that still belongs to its company brother - Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha hands-on: Note 4 metal design in small compelling form factor Source: You can get this compelling tablet for free when you add it to your Samsung Galaxy order and sign up for a two year plan. Samsung Galaxy Alpha video review Source: IGN The Galaxy Alpha feels like Samsung's trial run at making a high-end device, but with compromises that keep it from being a fully premium experience.

Yes, the build is excellent and the design is a big step forward from the Galaxy S5, but the underwhelming screen and storage cap are disappointing concessions. The design of the Alpha is certainly very nice, and a significant upgrade over the plastic mess Samsung has dished up over the past few years. The part-metal body is slim, light and portable, and thanks to the perfectly-sized 4. This is why we CAN have nice things: Samsung Galaxy Alpha Source: Reg Hardware Small, light and kinda funky, the Galaxy Alpha is without a doubt the most aesthetically pleasing phone ever to leave a Samsung assembly plant in the back of a truck.

The battery capacity may have been pared back a wee bit too far in the name of saving an extra few grams and the absence of a memory card slot is a little hard to understand, but the chipset is a monster, the display good and device very light and compact. Phone Arena The Z3 Compact's extra design feature — its stereo speakers at the front — are arguably a more useful addition than Samsung's stand-out fingerprint scanner, too.

Gadget Show Samsung has crafted its finest looking handset to date, and it's one that can easily be used in one hand too, unlike the company's phablet obsession. While it's not as spec heavy as some other flagship blowers, the Alpha is still speedy enough for your day to day use and it'll look good doing it too.

With the Galaxy Note 4 echoing the same metal design, the Galaxy Alpha marks a new look for Samsung, and we've got to say we're impressed. More like this, please. Samsung Galaxy Alpha Review Source: Seriously, it might be perfect then. In our eyes, they could even get away with overcharging for it if the performance was not so held back by the huge amount of TouchWiz featured on the phone. In Depth Source: Silencing the Critics Source: NDTV Gadgets By no means are we saying that the Galaxy Alpha is a bad phone, because it is the most premium-looking and sturdy Samsung phone we've played with till date.

However, there are compromises in the form of heating issues, the lower resolution screen and the lack of expandable storage. At least now we know that Samsung can make a premium-looking smartphone with sturdy materials, because the Galaxy Alpha's design language is replicated in the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as well. Laptop Mag I applaud Samsung for improving the design of its Galaxy line, and the Alpha makes me excited to see its upcoming phones. I love the elegant and one-hand-friendly design, as well as the swift performance this handset offers.

But in the end, the Galaxy Alpha is just a prettier, more compact version of the Galaxy S5 with fewer features and less battery life.

Samsung I Galaxy S III mini - Full phone specifications

Galaxy Alpha vs. Xperia Z3 Compact: Three kings Source: GSM Arena It's impossible to tally up a final score for this but that was never the point - as usual, the point is to help different users pick out the phone that's right for them. The super mini playground is not as empty as it once was and these three phones are excellent picks at three different price points.

The Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is the most affordable of the bunch so it celebrates each of its victories a little louder than the other two.

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The Apple iPhone 6 meanwhile is easily the most expensive one and has the most to prove, yet its fans are rarely swayed by such mundane details such as pricing. Digital Trends The Samsung Galaxy Alpha may very well be the best looking Samsung device that you can find today, but it has some very tough competition.

Also, at the price that Samsung has put up for this device, it might lose out. Still, the Galaxy Alpha should be on the top of Samsung fans' buying lists. Phone Arena Cutting straight to the chase, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is an excellent, all-around phone. From taking photos, to its battery life, it earns plenty of high marks from us.

No longer are we presented to the same plastic feeling that the company has churned out time-after-time in the past. Oh no! Instead, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha signals a new direction for Sammy in being a company that can take great pride in the design of its devices. Engadget As beautiful as the Galaxy Alpha may be, its price leads to its ultimate downfall.

The only reason you'd want to pick this over the Galaxy S5, which is available for a similar price, is that you prefer a smaller size or more solid build. But even then, this design isn't a one-and-done; you'll be able to get the same fit and finish on the Note 4 and Note Edge albeit with larger screens. Pocketnow Still, it bears repeating: Just make sure you factor the cost of an extra battery into your budget. Samsung Galaxy Alpha: First Impressions Source: However, the Alpha still has a plastic back, albeit one that feels smoother and nicer than what's on the S5.

You can swap in a spare battery, but can't add a memory card. Smaller shouldn't have to mean second-rate. While the Galaxy Alpha has solid four-star specs, especially considering its bright screen and solid battery life, I'm marking it down half a point for being less than it could be. Techradar Samsung has created a truly desirable smartphone for the first time in Those who were fine with Samsung's plastic-heavy approach in the past may frown at perceived compromises in the Galaxy Alpha's spec list, but I'd encourage you to hold one in your hand before making any snap judgements.

This is a phone that's pleasant to use in a variety of situations, thanks to its lightweight design, just-right size, and impressively swift performance. This is undeniably the best-looking phone Samsung has come up with and is clearly a direct rival for the 4.

The metal frame is beautifully integrated into a still predominantly plastic design and on that front it's a step in the right direction. It's something that should have happened a long time ago. Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs. HTC One mini 2: Metal mania Source: Samsung may have found a weakness - HTC have a proper full-size flagship but their compact offering feels like a midranger at times.

The HTC One mini 2 is cheaper than all three and the iPhone is the only one matching its metal unibody. Pocket Lint Overall the Galaxy Alpha is an attractive smartphone that's powerful enough to handle anything you care to throw at it. Compared to any Samsung smartphone that's come before it, it's also a lot more premium in build quality. That makes it a significant step forward in the range and one we hope to see further develop in future devices. Expert Reviews The Galaxy Alpha is a huge step forwards for Samsung and by far the best small handset that it's made, if not its best standard Android handset.

Specs wise, the Galaxy S5 may win, but it's not far ahead in terms of performance or camera quality. In fact, we'd rather have the Alpha. Its better build quality and smaller body make it the more comfortable phone to carry around, while it's still extremely fast.

It also gives Samsung a credible competitor to the iPhone 6, which is pretty much the same size. Ultimately, the Alpha turns Samsung from a manufacturer of tech-packed smartphones into a manufacturer of beautiful and desirable ones, too. Samsung Galaxy Alpha is less like the iPhone than previously thought hands-on Source: Pocket Lint When Samsung announced the Galaxy Alpha, its latest smartphone until the Note 4 and Note Edge were unveiled a couple of days ago, many thought that the design owed something to Apple's iPhone - most notably the iPhone 4 and 4S. TLBHD While it makes a few compromises here and there, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha checks most of the important boxes a modern smartphone should, with a sturdy and beautiful body, fast performance, good screen and impressive camera performance.

And it's also smaller and lighter than most other Android heavyweights. Samsung Galaxy Alpha review: Galaxy reboot Source: Not quite an alpha dog but a starry-eyed pup, dreaming of leaving its own legacy. What if they dropped the "Galaxy" moniker and just called it "Samsung Alpha"? A tempting thought. The plastic back, the hardware keys below the screen, and some of the TouchWiz bloatware are all weighing down the Galaxy Alpha and those are all Galaxy genes.

Samsung missed an opportunity to one-up the iPhone 6 with water resistance and a large battery - one that Sony won't miss with the Xperia Z3 Compact. High-Performance Smartphone der Spitzenklasse? R Finesse. X X Xm X Z1 Z2 Z3. Retrieved from " https: Android operating system devices Samsung mobile phones Samsung Galaxy Mobile phones introduced in Touchscreen mobile phones.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 2 November , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Samsung Electronics. Pop up Play Picture-in-picture technology lets you watch an HD video in another window while sending an email or text simultaneously. Social Tag Now it's even easier to keep track of your friends and loved ones.

S-Voice Why not get a response from your phone? Smart Alert When you pick up your phone, wouldn't it be nice if it let you know what has been happening since you've been gone? Show All Specs. SAR Information. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by kanthan from Sleek I bought this device 5 years ago and it still functions well, as a backup phone. I wish Samsung Electronics could incorporate this phone design into their future Galaxy S series of smartphone yes, I know that is not gonna happen, but I "wish".

Rated 5 out of 5 by SamM from Valur for money I got this phone in Have been using this since. Got everything I want from this phone. I i love it. Rated 5 out of 5 by h20o from galaxy s3 gt-i its the best samrton in and now its still good enought Date published: I had this phone for two years before moving up to the Galaxy S5 which I actually barely touched for the first month because I was in love with my S3 so much.

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To end my love affair with this phone I stood down and sold it. Anyway after slandering and broadcasting my hate for Apple devices to anyone who would listen for months on end, I recently decided it was time to purchase an S3 again, and reconcile my love affair with it. My new used but in fantastic condition S3 is this time the 4G version, so slightly updated from the 3G model I had before.

This phone feels amazing in the hand, even with a cover on. It is just the right size to control and access all features using only one hand, its responsive, the screen is amazing samsungs always are unbeatable and even after 6 months with an S5 I swear the S3 screen is better. The preloaded sounds are pretty, as are the wallpapers, of course you can customise if you wish, but you wouldnt rush to like with some phones.

The only downside with samsung phones is all of the pre installed samsung apps and bloatware that hog memory and seem to want to update 3 times a week, despite the fact theyre not wanted and are never ever used. You cant remove these permanently unless you rooted your device but you can disable them, which is good, but still a hassle.

Overall I would recommend this phone to anyone and everyone , young or old, new or familiar to android. Even a phone with twice the camera, twice the RAM and a "better screen" debatable didnt win me away from this. Try it. You wont be let down, even if it is 2 and a half years old now. Rated 5 out of 5 by cc from Like the style and quality The phone having a large screen makes it easy to read and print can be enlarged to a good size for us of poor eyesight, needed a 15 year old to help sort the set up of certain aspects but there are plenty of them willing to help out there.