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I have a samsung N running android. Where do I find the process list? Most battery eaters are apps which contains ads. To avoid ads if possible install paid version. Disabling of system apps save no any charges. This apps remains stopped until you touch on it. Switching on location consume battery. Especially when an app ask administrator controls it is more problematic.

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It cause a total failure to Android system. Read the article but not any wiser. I would like to know how to stop apps from starting all together unless I tell them to.

Task killers are bad for Android

Samsung has its own "Smart Manager" app, where you can manage battery, storage, RAM and device security. Very usefull. Battery Doctor or Purify are very good applications that stop the applications running,Google should make every application created to include the "Exit" function on Android to help consumers out with there batterylife instead of people worried about there batterylife on there phones,Advance Task Manager used to be good for extending batteries.

Processes are generally overrated as the cause of either battery drain or responsiveness except in older, less powerful devices. Job one for battery is to set screen shutoff to 15 or 30 secs and use Keep Screen or similar to identify "always on" apps. I have Greenify as well. Thanks for the taptaptap tip. It worked! My running processes are now minimal -in spite of having set it to zero. Still, it's a great improvement. Why is it titled how to stop apps from running in the background with a list of the major apps you cannot stop running?

Samsung Unpacked. Reviews All. Create account Be part of the largest Android community. Login Cancel. Close What is ID4me? Stay signed in. Jump to: You'll get a notification telling you that Developer options have been unlocked once you're done. That option takes you to a list of running processes showing how much RAM each is using. Obviously, it'll be tempting to stop the most RAM-hungry apps from running in the background, but you'll want to pay some attention to what you're stopping before you go ahead.

Stopping some apps might crash your phone. I'm in!

How to kill Android apps and tasks running in the background

But I don't know which apps to stop OK. Apps that you rarely use are better off uninstalled altogether. Now it's time to take a closer look at what's draining your battery If you looked around while you were carrying out the steps above, you probably saw some detailed battery info listed for each app. How to save battery life on Android The same rules apply to stopping or uninstalling apps that applied to stopping them via the processes tab - namely that you want to be careful about what you start pressing.

The many superpowers of Android Oreo Samsung and others offer proprietary battery and RAM boosting options in many cases, so the features available to you will vary. You can manually kill apps via this menu or use the power-saving features available to you. Everything you need to know about rooting your Android device 10 reasons to root your smartphone Non-rooted devices won't get automated hibernation of apps and a few other features, but you can still add a widget to your homescreen, which allows you to hibernate them in a single flick. Greenify has some neat options for users and non-users alike.

How To Automatically Close Apps On Back Button Press In Android

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Task killers will frequently close down apps and services that are designed to be left running in the background. When these are closed, they open up again straight away, and the cumulative effect of this constant stopping and starting is that your phone gets slower and the battery drains quicker—the exact opposite of what these task killers are designed to achieve. As Oasis Feng, the developer of the excellent power management app Greenify , explained recently:.

Swiping away apps from recent tasks kills the process of those apps, thus prevent them from being cached in memory. When you launch them later, it takes longer time and much more CPU cycles to create the process and re-initialize the app runtime.

The process differs slightly from one device to the next. On most recent devices this is a dedicated button.

How to Close Background Apps in Android

On recent Samsung Galaxy devices like the Galaxy S5, you tap the recent apps button to the left of the home button. On the Galaxy S4 or older, long press either the menu button or the home button. To close apps on the LG G3 tap the recent apps button to the right of the home button at the bottom of the screen. To close them, simply swipe them away—hold your finger down on the thumbnail image and swipe it off the screen, either left or right, or up or down, depending on the device.