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All other spanning tree-compliant 2 On Switch 1, set the ports that you want to be part of devices on the network have a designated Root Port. VLAN2 to Untagged. If Click Apply. Set one port for example, port link to the Root Bridge is down. This bridge will then 8 to Tagged. Click Apply. This procedure is the configuration of their ports, each bridge only called multicast filtering. All other ports are blocked, which means will only be forwarded to those ports containing that they are prevented from forwarding traffic.

State down menu, fill in the setup parameters, and click Apply. It identifies the ports containing hosts requesting to join the service and sends data out to those ports only. The Port menu includes five items: You can also view the Downloaded from www. The following options are available: When flow control is Detail enabled, the Switch regulates the packet flow so Use the Detail tab to display detailed port setting that a sending device does not transmit more information for a port.

If flow control is disabled, packets may be dropped under certain periods of high traffic. Flow control is disabled by default. Available options include auto, 10, , and Auto or autonegotiation sets the optimum combination of speed and duplex that can be supported by both ends of the link. Before manually setting a port to Available options include auto, half, and full. If connecting link partners are left to your changes. This can result in a significant reduction in network performance. Supported SFP transceivers only operate at Mbps full-duplex.

Inserting an SFP transceiver into a gigabit port disables the corresponding RJ port, even if no fiber cable is inserted. If you are connecting the You cannot preset the speed to Mbps. To run a Switch to another switch or to an Internet backbone, port at Mbps, you must enable autonegotiation you can aggregate links on the Switch to increase for the port.

When autonegotiation is enabled, the throughput and prevent packet loopback between Switch will automatically connect at Mbps, switches.

For link aggregation to work, the trunks must be configured on both ends switches. Half-duplex connections are only available for 10 Mbps and Mbps settings. Use the Create tab to add ports to a group membership. Four tabs are available on the Port Link Aggregation page: To create a new link aggregation group: Spanning Tree per Port This administrative tool supports the configuration of the Switch to forward, or block and discard The spanning tree ensures that the optimal path is maintained between 3 Click Apply. Use the Remove tab delete a link aggregation group. Spanning tree uses a distributed algorithm to select a bridging device that serves as the root of the spanning tree network.

The bridging device known as Downloaded from www.

Switch De Rede 3com Baseline 2226 Plus

All other spanning tree-compliant devices on the network have a designated Root Port. This bridge will then initiate negotiations with other bridges to reconfigure the network to re-establish a valid network topology. After all the bridges on the network have determined the configuration of their ports, each bridge only forwards traffic between the Root Port and the ports that are the Designated Bridge Ports for each network segment.

All other ports are blocked, which means that they are prevented from forwarding traffic. Three tabs are available on the Spanning Tree per Port page: If you modify any of these settings, click Apply to save your changes. For traffic monitoring to port. Once the pair is defined, and you enable best path between devices. The path cost method traffic monitoring, the Switch takes all the traffic is used to determine the range of values that can going in and out of the monitor port and copies it to be assigned to each interface.

The analyzer port should have a higher the highest priority becomes the STA root device. Otherwise, the However, if all devices have the same priority, the Switch may not be able to copy all traffic effectively during periods of high traffic. Click Port, then Port Summary Mirroring on the menu. The Port Monitoring Setup Screen appears. Traffic to and from the selected mirrored ports will be forwarded to this port. Voice VLAN. To add to the OUI list: Organizational Unique Identifier for a company and their description. The Security menu includes two items: The following parameters are available: After you have filled in the parameters, click Apply to save your changes.

Figure 58 The following fields are operation mode is selected. Disabled re-authenticated. Single-Host, Multi-Host; Default: Clients authentication session that the switch waits before that are not dot1x-aware will be denied access.

Re-authentication can be used to detect if a new device is plugged into a switch port. Disabled Downloaded from www. The Cable Diagnostics menu includes two tabs: The Monitoring menu includes two items: You can query by selecting port on the switch. Figure 62 Cable Diagnostic Screen Downloaded from www. Click OK to con- you cannot solve it, check the 3Com Knowledgebase firm.

For more information on how to obtain support for your Switch, refer to Appendix A. The Switch will perform automatic IP configuration after you reset it. Resetting to Factory Defaults If the Switch does not operate normally or if the firmware becomes corrupted, you can reset the Forgotten Password Switch to factory defaults. Resetting the Switch to factory defaults access. You will need to reconfigure page 59 for instructions.

After resetting the Switch, log on to the Web inter- To reset the Switch to its factory defaults: Verify that: This section lists some issues that are related to the LEDs on the front panel of the Switch. If the port is off. There may be broadcast storms on the network. Some pieces of network equipment operate by sending out broadcast frames regularly. Refer to the documentation that accompanies the device for information on disabling the broadcast operation.

More information on 3Com Register Your Product maintenance and Professional Services is available at Warranty and other service benefits start from the http: Warranty and other service benefits are enabled through product registration. Register your product at http: First time users must You will find support tools posted on the 3Com web apply for a user name and password that provides site at http: This query-based interactive tool is Request. If you have trouble registering your product, located at http: Value-added services like 3Com ExpressSM releases for the version of software initially purchased and GuardianSM can include 24x7 telephone technical with the product.

In order to access these Software support, software upgrades, onsite assistance or Updates you must first register your product on the advance hardware replacement. Experienced 3Com web site at http: Expert First time users will need to apply for a user name and assessment and implementation services are offered password. A link to software downloads can be found to fill resource gaps and ensure the success of your Downloaded from www. Products sent to 3Com, without authorization Software Upgrades are the software releases that numbers clearly marked on the outside of the pack- follow the software version included with your origi- age, will be returned to the sender unopened, at the nal product.

If your product is registered and documentation you must first purchase a service con- under warranty, you can obtain an RMA number tract from 3Com or your reseller. First time users will need to apply for a user name and pass- word. Telephone Technical Support and Repair To obtain telephone support as part of your warranty and other service benefits, you must first register your Contact Us product at http: To access these Warranty and other service benefits start from the services for your region, use the appropriate date of purchase, so it is important to register your telephone number, URL or e-mail address from the list product quickly to ensure you get full use of the war- below.

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Telephone numbers are correct at the time of publica- When you contact 3Com for assistance, please have tion. Find a current directory of support telephone the following information ready: Korea U. From the following countries, you may use the numbers shown: Aruba 1 Spanish speakers, enter the URL: Bahamas 1 http: Bermuda 1 http: CD-ROM that was included with your switch. You can also download the safety manual from the 3Com Web site: Height 41 mm 1.

Category 3, 4 or 5 twisted pair cable.

Switch Port Mapper Features

Category 3 is voice multimode fiber cable. IEEE Category 5 cabling is better to use for speed. The order of preference best first is: Autonegotiation is defined in Downloaded from www. Half-duplex is not supported for Mbps. Contrast with full-duplex. Didn't find what you were looking for? Ask the community. Note on archived topics. This topic has been archived.

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All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Message 1 of 4. HP Recommended. The tool is useful for system and network engineers to gain visibility into the IP, MAC, status and availability of ports. Since this is a real-time discovery you can also view the operational status and port speed of each port.

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The Network Switch Port Management mainly consists of features such as. The Switch port management tool provides an end-to-end mapping with an option to include mapping of physical ports to switch ports. The administrator can provide the mapping of the physical ports and switch ports in a CSV file, which can be imported to the Switch Port Mapper results.

This does not need any change as long as there is no change in the physical mapping. The network switch port management tool automatically retrieves the VLAN details, Virtual IP Addresses of a device, and detects all the devices connected to a port. The Switch Port Mapper also allows the administrators to add their own columns to store user-defined values.

Columns can be created both at the switch-level and at the Switch Details level. While users in Administrator Role will have complete access, users in Technician Role will only have read-only access.

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Adding switches to the switch port mapping tool of the switch port management software can be either manual or by importing the Switch inputs from a CSV file. Once the switches are added in the switch port mapper software, they are automatically mapped in the background.

Optionally, the administrators can also specify the associated subnets to sweep prior to scanning of a switch. The switch port management tool will make the switch learn all the MAC addresses of the connected devices, which will be retrieved and shown in the results. Switch port Mapper software allows to create different groups based on the location or building.

Switches in different groups can be scheduled to run at different times.