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Machinarium Developer: Amanita Design. This award-winning online adventure game challenges players worldwide to use logic and puzzle-solving abilities to wind their way through a post-apocalyptic scrap yard in search of the city of Machinarium.

Installing AIR and AIR applications on mobile devices

This web-based game was converted into an iPad app in only two months other platforms to follow soon. Mazeball Developer: Terry Paton. Guide the marble to freedom through the ancient maze, collecting points along the way. Lighting up the floor tiles will boost your points, some tiles will push and pull you, while some will take you up or down a floor.

PolitiFact Developer: Petersburg Times. The PolitiFact app taps into the existing framework of the PolitiFact website, which rates the accuracy of statements by politicians. Out-of-the-box charting components in Flash Builder enabled rapid iteration and testing on different devices. The prototype was built in two days; the entire development took only three weeks. Learn more about PolitiFact. Sylvester's Band Developer: Uncle Handsalt. MrMixit Developer: Below you can find file s assigned to this version:.

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Compatibility with Android 4 supported devices, performance improvements and bug fixes related to security and stability. Released on December 19, Compatibility with Android 4 supported devices Performance improvements Bug fixes related to security and stability. November 10, Performance improvements Security and stability bug fixes. Version 2. Latest improvements include: Use the value specified in the AIR application descriptor without the air. If only a single device or emulator is attached and running, then you can omit the -device flag.

Currently, the only supported value is android.

A Powerful Run Time Environment For Users and Developers.

You can use the normal means for removing applications provided by the device operating system. To remove the runtime, use the -uninstallRuntime command:.

To run your AIR application on a device emulator, you must typically use the SDK for the device to create and run an emulator instance on your development computer. Note that applications on an emulator typically run much slower than they do on an actual device. Select the Settings option and select the "Force https: Select the Available Packages option.

You should see a list of available Android SDKs. Note that Virtual Device creation may take some time depending on your system configuration. The virtual device you created above should be listed. You should see an emulator window open on your desktop. This may take a few seconds.

Install the AIR runtime and applications for development

It may also take some time for the Android operating system to initialize. You can install applications packaged with the apk-debug and apk-emulator on an emulator. Applications packaged with the apk target do not work on an emulator.

Adobe AIR * Installing AIR and AIR applications on mobile devices

View Help PDF 5. Install the AIR runtime and applications for development Since AIR applications on mobile devices are installed as native packages, you can use the normal platform facilities for installing applications for testing.

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Use the -installRuntime command: Open the iTunes application.